Light Bulb Salesman

Lightbulb Salesman

Replacement Scam

The Mark

The Con
You get a knock on your door and open to see a man in a uniform for a handy service company. He says he has been doing work down the road and has a lot of spare bulbs. If they like, the man will change all the bulbs in their house for £10.

You give him £10 and he changes all of the bulbs and goes on his way.

What you don't know is that the bulbs are actually not new. But what you are even less likely to know is that they are in fact your neighbors bulbs.

The con man starts off will some old bulbs, then goes door to door exchanging old bulbs for other old bulbs, getting £10 at each house. This scam might not even register as being a con, as the bulbs might take a long time to blow.

This can be done with any household item that has a life spawn that warrants replacing.

The Score
£10 for every house that agrees.

How to avoid being scammed?
Just knowing about this scam is enough to be able to catch the signs of a con artist. Be wary any time someone knocks on your door to offer something. Remember they are looking for money, but you are not looking for whatever service or item they offer.