Greek Return

Greek Return

Return fraud


The Scam
You work behind the customer service desk, a customer bring up an item, hands you the receipt and asks for a refund. You give him cash and he leaves on his merry way.

So when does the scam actually start you may be asking. Well he just got money back on an item he never purchased. The start of this scam isn't very glamourous, the con-man will have to find a used receipt, this could just be lying around, or could even be found in a bin. Once a receipt is acquired, the con-man goes into the store and finds an item that is listed on the receipt. Now all the con-man has to do is make sure no one is looking, and take the item to customer services. Free Cash

£5 - £100 But could be more, if you have the guts and the luck.

How to avoid being scammed
This scam is hard to beat, but vigilance will help fight it. Common customer service question will help, such as 'was there anything wrong with the product?', 'would you like an alternative?'. The answers will often be unusual or vague. Good stock keeping can help to, you'll notice if something is missing.