Evil Twins

Evil Twins

Look-A-like Hotspots

Public WiFi users

The Con
You've spent a morning shopping, and decided to get a coffee and check your emails. You go into a local coffee shop, lets call it 'Bart's'. You look up the availably WiFi options and find that Bart's has it's own Wifi. For only £1 you can browse all day. You enter your details and go about your day. A few days pass and you have no money in your account.

So what happened? Well Bart's doesn't offer WiFi, Bart's sucked the money out of your account. The Con-man has set up a WiFi spot near by, called it 'Bart's WiFi' and put it behind a pay wall. This part is actually fair, stealing your card details and draining your account isn't quite as fair.

The Score
Credit card numbers, identity theft and bank account information.

How to avoid being scammed
Ask the staff if they have Wifi, they'll direct you to the right one. If in doubt, don't use any Wifi spot you're not familiar with. Would you give a stranger your credit card to hold? Unsecure connections are just the same.