Bar Code Switch

Bar Code Switch

Price (tag) fixing

Big retail shops with large range of products

The Con
This is a very simple scam where the bar codes of two items are switched. A DVD player that cost £20's bar code
is removed from it's box and attached to a more expensive DVD player. This newly coded DVD player is taken to the till
to be purchased. This saves the con man a lot of money, or the item can be taken back for a refund by removing the bar code
from the box and claiming to have lost the receipt. The store may only give store credit or refund at the lowest price it was sold at,
but you can't complain at something for nothing.  

The Score
Mainly small items under £100, but can be used for higher value items, with more risk.

How to avoid being scammed?
If you work in retail, knowledge is key to stop this scam. Just being aware of particular brands price range will help when someone brings you an Apple iPod and it rings up at £19.99. If the barcode looks like it has been tampered with, just have a look at another box of the same product or even just saying that there could be something wrong with a bar code is enough to send a Con-man running