Coins on Note

The Bet
A tower of 20-ish coins are placed on top of a £5 note. The bet is to remove the £5 note without disturbing the tower of coins.

The rules:
    Nothing can touch the coins except the note and the table beneath it.
    The coins must remain in a straight tower as it looked at the beginning.

The Scam    
This seems like it would require a lot of practice, but you will be able to do it straight away. You will need a pen/pencil and you will start to roll the note around the pencil then roll the pencil towards the tower of coins. This will push against the tower, and rolling it slowly will keep the tower in place, while removing the note.

Bank Shot

Bank Shot

The Bet:

This is an easy pool hustle that anyone can do, and relies on the fact that your mark thinks you couldn't make an easy shot, let alone a bank shot.

You set up two balls on the table, the cue ball on it's starting position. and another ball about a foot away. You bet your mark that you can hit the ball up the table, bank it off of the furthest wall, and back down the table into one of the extreme pockets.

The scam:

You ask more one piece of help, the use of two cues.

The mark will think that this will only make it harder. In fact, it makes it almost impossible to miss. You set one of the cues on the table at an angle towards the pocket. A solid hit of the ball will bounce it off the back wall, and back down the table along the cue straight into the pocket.